Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9/25 KL Day 2

We took the same city tour bus as the first day, but this time, we were able to stay awake. Got some good city views and went to the top of the KL Communications Tower. The tower offered great panoramic views and were able to get a good idea of the city's layout with the audio tour.
4th tallest communications tower in the world. We had an excellent view of the 3rd tallest from our hotel in Shanghai.
The second picture is the where Malaysia's nine hereditary sultans live with a King chosen from among them to serve five-year terms. There is an elected prime minister who makes the decision, but the king still has to sign off on everything.
Batu caves, the next days destination, can be seen in the distance.
Included in the price of admission to the tower
The cultural village has replicas of traditional Malay huts
some good traditional music
We were the only ones there and felt wierd as their sole audience.
Again, we were the only audience for this decent dance
We got back on the bus and continued to the bird park, but stopped along the way to take pictures in front of the palace:

Evelyn really wanted to see the bird park, but it was pretty expensive, so we found a good alternative.
Evelyn got her wish of getting up close and personal with the birds.
We found a restaurant within the birdpark, which was cool at first but some of the birds became aggressive.
He's hungry and obviously accustomed to being fed, but we weren't sharing.
After lunch, we proceeded down the street to the National Mosque and since there was a service happening, we went to an Islamic Arts Museum across the street which had models of lots of mosques.
 We went to the National Mosque after prayers were finished, there wasn't much to see
A Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity who is a volunteer to talk to the tourists chatted us up about Islam, providing a rough introduction. It was curious that he sounded defensive the whole time and comical when he explained that the Quran can only be understood in the original Arabic and then admitted that he himself doesn't speak the language.

It started raining while we were there and we caught a taxi over to the Golden Triangle, a major shopping area. They had cool National Geographic posters set up in one of the department stores.
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pretty fountain
We went to a nearby night market, Jalan Alor, and got some good food, including some delicious fish. Walked around some more and took a skytrain back to the hotel.

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