Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9/30 Bali

We woke up at 10 with our breakfast already served poolside.
We had fun experimenting with the underwater camera function. I had broken our previous camera by getting it wet on a trip to Penghu, so we opted for a waterproof camera.

the water coming out of her nose reminds me of a raging bull
the villa's lobby. wish we had more time here.
We had to check out of the villa by 12 and to go shopping at Geneva handicraft store before our 1pm massage appointment.
she's terrifying

Evelyn's paradise
We should have skipped the market the day before, this place has four huge floors of all the same stuff with set prices that are usually lower than what you could bargain for.


We don't have many pictures here, but we were here for 3.5 hours and spent 1.1 million on our massages. Now that's total, the other prices I mentioned were per person. We got a traditional full body massage, then a hot stone massage then Yogurt and Honey Wash.

 We then changed rooms to get a facial, manicure, and pedicure. Obviously, all of those were a first for me. Finally, our hair was washed in cream. I have never been pampered so much in my life.
After the massage, we went over to Jimbaran Beach for dinner and sunset.

2 big prawns, 8 clams, and a delicious red snapper
That was a really good meal, but we couldn't savor it because we had less than a half hour to eat before we needed to head to the airport.
possibly the 2 most addicting things in the world
cool map at the airport
Bali fin.

We got to KL airport around 1130pm and tried to stay at the Tune Hotel next to the airport, but they were full. So we spent the night in a cafeteria next to the airport and got maybe an hour of sleep.
Finally, we flew to China around 9am

I believe I can fly
Up next: China

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