Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9/27 Singapore

We took an express train to the airport that wasn't an option when we arrived in KL since it was the middle of the night when we arrived. We landed in Singapore around 10am and took the MRT over to the hostel where we would be staying.
Their residential areas could pass for any upscale neighborhood in the US
After dropping our bags, we grabbed some lunch nearby and took public transportation over to Sentosa Resort Island. On the way, we got Evelyn a new pair of shoes, because her old pair had originally flown apart. I guess here is a good time to explain why we didn't bring more shoes. We always flew on Air Asia, a discount airline similar to RyanAir in Europe. Everything extra must be payed for including checked luggage and the carry-ons can't exceed 15 pounds, so we travelled light. Also, Evelyn doesn't like to wear socks, thus no tennis shoes. Ok, back to Sentosa; it began to rain heavily as soon as we reached the island. We had planned to do a zip line, a luge, and other cool activities, but settled on an overpriced and poorly acted 4D pirate adventure. It was possibly the biggest waste of money in my life. The 4th dimension is referring to water spraying you and the seats jerking you around until you have a headache. It was terrible acting and Evelyn swears she saw the same thing at Busch Gardens. I couldn't remember witnessing anything so terrible. There really wasn't much to do on Sentosa with the rain, so we headed over to Long Beach Seafood Restaurand. We had eveything thoroughly planned out and were expecting the place to open at 5 so we could eat kinda quickly and head over to Singapore Zoo's famous night safari. However, this particular location of Long Beach didn't open until 5:45, so that combined with continuing drizzle outside caused us to cancel the zoo and enjoy a delicious meal.
Steamed Live Scottish Royal Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic. That's the menu's title of the dish, heavy on adjetives but it really lived up to the description

Beautiful crab drowning in chili sauce
very satisfied after our huge meal which was about US$125, pretty good for the amount of crab and lobster we got
We took a bus over to Marina Bay that drove down Orchard Road, so Evelyn got to see that street and we didn't have to shop on it. An F1 event had just finished the day before so some normally busy roads were deserted. We found the closest thing in Singapore to a night market and were sad that we had already stuffed our stomachs, because we spied some appetizing snacks.
The name of the area is glutton's bay.

financial district, Singapore has the 9th largest economy in the world despite it's tiny size.

The Merlion--still not sure why this is a famous landmark
That first building pictured is quite the construction marvel. There's an hour-long discovery channel show describing how they were able to lift the top part of the building into place. We hung out around here for a while enjoying the views and returned to the hostel around 11:30. After surviving cold water showers we got to sleep in our eight person room. We were so tired that noise and light didn't disturb us.

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