Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9/26 KL Day 3

The plan was to wake up really early and go to Batu caves and be back to the city in time to catch a bus to an elephant sanctuary, however, we decided to sleep in and just catch the bus over to see the elephants. But when we got there, Evelyn talked to a bus driver who said we wouldn't make it to the sanctuary on time and that it's not worth it. Only the first x amount of visitors can ride the elephants and we wouldn't make it. So we just decided to go to Batu caves from there. It was cool taking a bus from there, becuase the route we took went through the cities outskirts and what appeared to be suburbs. It felt like we were seeing the real KL and not just the glitzy twin towers or golden triangle.
Batu Caves is only about 15 miles north of the city and took less than an hour to reach.
Hindu religious site with huge festival every year
The monkeys obviously don't respect the sacredness of the site

There are 270 steps to reach the cave entrance. It wasn't too difficult; the most difficult part of the trek for some people is getting past the aggressive monkeys, especially if you have any food or drink. The monkeys think of themselves as better than people and expect humans to offer them sacrafices. They literally snatch bags of food from people. I even saw a baby lose his bottle of milk and the monkey struggling to open it.
big cave


Monkey with his stolen bag of food
We took the bus back into the city, got a good lunch with more naan!! and then decided to take a bus to Genting, a casino about 1.5 hours up the mountain from KL. I couldn't get into the actual casino because I was wearing shorts; that's not a rule in Vegas, is it? So we took a gondola ride back down to a temple area.

A clown tried to hit on Evelyn while we were waiting for the gondola

We climbed this Pagoda which offered a 360 view of the surrounding mountains despite the clouds
Also, we found a series of statues that graphically describe the tortures in the 18 chambers of Buddhist hell
This is not very gruesome compared to some others but those pictures are blurry
We went back up to the resort area and decided to see a show called Dazzle that we had seen ads for everywhere. Pictures weren't allowed, but it was a pretty good show. It featured an Italian Magician who could do some cool stuff with umbrellas. We figured out that the umbrellas must be built into the handle of the last one. He even said that it's not magic, just skill. There was also a guy who could do some impressive things with hand shadows. My favorite was that he could make clearly recognizable profiles of famous people's faces. There was also a couple that danced around changing clothes every 5 seconds, literally. We couldn't figure out how they pulled that off, becuase some of the womans dresses would be bigger than the one she previously had on. Anyways, the show was worth the price of admission.

picture of the stage after the show was over
  We took the 11pm bus back to the city and were up early the next morning to head to the airport.

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