Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apology and Introduction

So, it was a bit unrealistic to try to post during our jam-packed vacation, especially since we didn't bring a computer. I was being optimistic and hoping we would find free Internet at every turn and have lots of free time. Niether of these happened, so I will do my best to blog about our trip after the fact. Sorry for the false hopes, I know everybody was eagerly awaiting new posts and checking everyday. Sorry to keep you waiting, but here we go: I'll start with the vital statistics in this post and have decided to just to a blog for each day. I'll just basically be reviewing what we did and hopefully include some entertaining anecdotes for y'all. But as I mentioned before, I'm not much of a writer and I'm mainly using this as a way for me to remember.

The trip was approximately 20 days: September 23rd-October 14th
We visited five countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Thailand
We took nine one-way flights, only two of which were domestic within China.
We took over 4000 pictures. To my western readers: that's not many by Asian standards. To my Asian readers: sorry for not taking more.
According to estimates, I would say 50 pounds of food was consumed...per person. This trip focused heavily on food and many of our destinations were chosen based at least partially on their cuisine.
This is our most expensive meal at Long Beach Seafood in Singapore which included lobster and crab.

We stayed at one five-star hotel in Shanghai...for free.

View from our living room.

We stayed at a lavish villa with our own swimming pool one night in Bali, Indonesia.

Our private pool
We stayed at the tallest hotel in Bangkok the night of our anniversary.

Skyline Domination
The rest of the places we stayed were cheap hotels and a hostel in Singapore, oh and one night in the airport.
Evelyn broke 3 pairs of shoes (one of which I was responsible for) because she wouldn't listen to me and bring good walking shoes.
We walked 2km along the Great Wall.

Evelyn gettin mad air
We took one cooking class in Bangkok. We are now professional chefs.
cooking green curry with chicken

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